Due to COVID-19, we at Desert Views Pest Control are taking all necessary precautions while continuing to provide all services by following guidelines introduced by the CDC to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients and community. For service inquiries and/or scheduling, please contact us at (480) 276-6023.

Rid Your Home and Yard of Invaders

Hire us for pest and weed control services in Gold Canyon, AZ and surrounding East Valley locations

A skilled weed and pest control service like Desert Views Pest Control can expel invaders from your home and yard. As the heat rises in East Valley you WILL have insect activity inside and outside of your home. Your yard WILL explode with unwanted weeds. You'll need to control pests and weeds before they control you. Call us to help!

With years of experience in the pest and weed control industries, we know how to safely control your weeds and pests. Our expertise ensures high quality control of termites, scorpions and weeds

Call now to benefit from quality pest and weed control services in Gold Canyon, AZ and the surrounding East Valley.

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Home Seals and Exclusions

Take back your home with pest control

Our pest control techniques focus on treatment and prevention.

Keeping your home and yard pest free is important. If pests infest your home, you could end up with:

  • Painful bites and stings
  • Contaminated food
  • Stains, spots and damage to furniture and structures
  • Frightening pest encounters
  • Embarrassing infestations
Avoid the stress by calling us today for pest control in Gold Canyon, AZ and the surrounding East Valley locations.

Take back your yard with Weed Control

Our weed control techniques focus on safe prevention and treatment. Weed problems contribute to:

  • increased insect and rodent activity
  • conflicts with neighbors and HOAs
  • decreased curb appeal of your residence
  • reduction of healthy plants in your yard
  • increased water bills

Avoid these problems by calling us today for weed control in Gold Canyon, AZ and the surrounding East Valley locations.

As part of the East Valley community, we leave every house we treat the way we'd want to see it as homeowners. You'll return to your house exactly the way you left it, minus the pests. You can rest assured that we don't cut corners when it comes to cutting out the pesky invaders. We offer a warranty on our service and the products we use.

Reach out now for trustworthy pest, termite and weed control service in Gold Canyon, AZ and the East Valley area.